Baltic Construction is ready to offer you an integrated approach in building and construction made of steel structures, starting from design and finishing with production and installation of building steel structures and other steelwork. In this respect we shall ensure producing steel structures both according to technical drawings provided by customers and according to technical drawings prepared by our design department employees.

We have own production of steel structures, equipped with all the necessary, including following services:
  • Construction welding,
  • Surface shot blasting,
  • Plasma cutting,
  • Hole drilling,
  • Rolling,
  • Galvanization,
  • Powder painting.

We are able to ensure production and assembly of a large variety of steel structures, namely:
  • Advertisment pylons and billboards;
  • Steel hall frames;
  • Steel gates, railings, stairs;
  • Building constructions (beams, trusses, facade and architectural elements);
  • Machinery constructions, spare parts;
  • Hydro Power Plant constructions
  • Ship building;
  • Bridge constructions;
  • And many other tailor-made items on your request!

We employ experienced and highly skilled assemblers. Our specialists will make all necessary work of steel structure assembling competently and precisely in time.

The whole cycle of work necessary for passing an object to key ready shall be processed on your request:
  • Assembly of metal structures of building framing;
  • Assembly of technological equipment;
  • Erection of fencing structures;
  • Work on arrangement of engineering networks and equipment and many others.

The whole work shall be performed properly contacting a customer. Practically at any stage of fulfillment of steel structure production order, we shall review and make changes in a project, with the least loss and production costs. When producing and assembling metal structures, we ensure stage-by-stage supervision of all work that provides high-quality and fast execution of your order.
  • Headquarter:
  • OU «AVV Baltic Service»,
  • Sõpruse pst 145, Harju maakond, 13417
  • Tallinn, Estonia
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  • Manufacturing plant:
  • Ventspils str. 63b, LV-1046
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Andis Ratnieks - member of the board
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